"Sigma Serves Children"
Our chapter participates in various types of volunteering and fundraising, but all with the mission of empowering children in our community. From helping babies in the NICU to children in the hospital, we strive to help children live better lives.

Over the past years, the Eta Pi chapter partnered with the Denver Area Alumnae Chapter to donate thousands of dollars over to the South Campus of the Children's Hospital located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We helped to fund a therapeutic playroom and have continued to donate money, toys, books, and (our favorite) fleece tied blankets. In 2016, we donated to the Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus in Denver to help with the purchase of a Vecta Distraction Machine, which provides a multi-sensory experience for children who are receiving procedures. The next year, we helped fund the purchase of Virtual Reality Goggles for pediatric patients in the Children's Hospital of Colorado's Main Campus in Denver. Today, the Eta Pi chapter continues to participate in community service and philanthropic efforts towards supporting and empowering children and families in our Colorado communities!

At Tri Sigma Eta Pi, we are always taking up new opportunities to get involved with our community in a chartible way. We focus our philanthropic efforts on helping children and families. From running toy drives, to volunteering with food banks, partipating in charitable walking events, donating, and making gift baskets, we are a group of young women devoted to helping children and families in our communities in all kinds of ways.

Community service and philanthropy are great ways for us to bond as a sisterhood and create relationships between our chapter and organizations that are leading important missions for the children and families in need in Denver and in our other local communities. As a sorority and dedicated chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, we are passionate about the causes held so close to the heart of Tri Sigma.

Although our focus is helping and empowering children, our chapter is always looking for more fundraising and volunteer opportunities to help our community.

The sisters of Tri Sigma Eta Pi are required to partipate in at least one community service/philanthropy event each semester, and at least one of the community service/philanthropy events that we partipate in should be linked to empowering children. However, members are allowed and encouraged to log any volunteering or community service hours they have outside of sorority philanthropy since joining. As a chapter, we like to help our communities however and wherever we can. If there is a cause you're passionate about, we will welcome it and help to support it however we can. We are always excited to take up new fundraising and community service opportunities.