If you're reading this page, that means your special someone has become part of our Sigma family!
Your Sigma has now joined the over 125,000 women within our organization who are committed to excellence and personal achievement. Your special Sigma will be provided with a myriad of opportunities for growth, academic achievement, leadership development, service to others, and a lifetime of friendship!
In their journey through Sigma, they will experience:
Fun sisterhoods.
- Various community service opportunities.
- Leadership opportunities such as committees, chair, and/or officer positions.
Experience in business etiquette.
- Tons of laughs.

So much more!

Tri Sigma holds our members to high academic standards to help your Sigma succeed throughout her college career.

We understand that your Sigma's collegiate life will be busy, filled with all sorts of new experiences, and we are thrilled that we will be able to be part of that journey.

We place a high priority on balancing the academic and social demands of these years. Our strong membership development programming provides opportunities for our members to grow and develop. Tri Sigma offers comprehensive chapter support services, educational programs, publications, leadership conferences, and membership development as well.