Since the founding of the Eta Pi chapter of Tri Sigma at Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2004, our sisterhood has worked every semester to uphold our national vision: "To provide exceptional experiences that will empower women to change the world." Eta Pi strives to inspire our sisters to reach their potential by offering academic support, leadership and community service opportunities, as well as lots of laughs!

Eta Pi always welcomes new members to the sisterhood with open arms. Sisterhood binds and unites all of us together and helps to foster positive and meaningful bonds between members. From bid day to senior send-on, you are able to form relationships that will last a lifetime. The bonds created in Tri Sigma are strong enough to last even past our collegiate years.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms, designed by Harriet Hankins, Alpha, was adopted in 1902. From the three Greek Sigmas to our Sorority’s open motto, Faithful Unto Death." This symbol helps to represent the values of our organization


The triangle badge is worn only by initiated members of Sigma Sigma Sigma. It helps to signify the women who have come before and those who have been chosen to carry their legacy.

New members are given a different pin to wear until initiation.


The pearl is the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority jewel. Although not official until 1909, the pearl has been designated as the jewel since the founding.


Established at the founding, he official flower is the purple violet.


The sailboat was adopted as the official symbol at the 1974 Convention. The sails appear full representing our empowered sisterhood that is always moving forward.


Formed in 1992, the Tri Sigma Foundation is the official philanthropy of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Although the non-profit organization supports a variety of efforts, such as empowering the education and leadership opportunities of women, Tri Sigma Foundation especially focuses on supporting hospitalized children by funding play therapy programs and providing additional support to playrooms and libraries for children. In recognition of this focus, Tri Sigma Foundation has established their main theme as "Sigma Serves Children."